About Sourcery: An AP Automation Company

  • To empower our customers with more accurate and modern accounts payable information.
  • To give our customers real-time insights into their operational costs.
  • To save our customers time and money so their businesses can be financially viable.

Our Vision: AP and AR Automation Solutions for Restaurants 

Food and hospitality businesses bring people together through memorable experiences. We started Sourcery so we could support our customers in building profitable operations, while they focus on doing what they love.

We believe that wholesale commerce, including invoices and vendor payments should be simple, intuitive, and even fun. That’s why we’ve developed the Sourcery experience. We want to empower our customers, companies in food and hospitality, with more accurate and modern accounts payable. We want our customers to have real-time insights into their operational costs so they can be financially viable.

Our Story: Why Restaurants, and Why AP/AR

Na’ama Moran and Peretz Partensky founded Sourcery in July 2012 and participated in the Winter 2013 cohort of Y Combinator. Their first pilot customer was Palantir, where they noticed the challenge the kitchen team faced with managing invoices and vendor payments.

As Sourcery worked with more corporate kitchens such as Asana, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Thumbtack, the founders realized that fast-growing restaurants and their corresponding accounting firms faced similar challenges. They brought the Sourcery experience to these two types of clients. Clients noticed much smoother bookkeeping operations and monthly average savings of $1,000.

About the Founders

Na'ama Moran co-founded Sourcery, an AP automation company.

Na’ama Moran


Na’ama Moran was born in Israel, where she received her first experience with food growing up on a turkey farm. She came to the US to study economics, math and political science at Cornell University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. After school Na’ama joined NYC emerging markets hedge-fund, Greylock Capital Management, as an analyst. She left finance to pursue her dream of building products that make people’s lives better with technology. She moved to Silicon Valley where she concurrently took classes in Computer Science at Stanford and co-founded Zappedy, a services platform enabling local businesses to close the loop between online marketing and offline sales. The company was acquired by Groupon in 2011.

While working at Zappedy Na’ama encountered a large variety of restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs. She discovered the hardships of running a restaurant and was surprised by the lack of transparency and ease-of-use in such an important marketplace. She decided to do something about it. Na’ama met Peretz while camping together at Burning Man and the two started working on what would eventually become Sourcery. They traveled the United States meeting food professionals from the smallest mom and pop restaurant owners to the Chairman of Sysco. These conversations served as the foundation for what Sourcery is today. She is committed to building a product that will help food businesses thrive, and enable more diversity in the food system.

In her spare time she loves to practice yoga, hike the beautiful Bay Area trails, and read science fiction books.

Peretz Partensky cofounded Sourcery, an AP automation company.

Peretz Partensky

Chief of Product

Peretz Partensky was born in the Siberian half of the Soviet Union and immigrated to the US as a refugee in the late 1980s. He never graduated high school, and instead worked as an IT consultant in Boston’s financial district in the late 90s during the first dot com heyday. He graduated with a BA from Brandeis University with three majors: maths, physics, and English. Peretz received an MPhil in Literature from the University of Cambridge, UK. He moved to San Francisco in 2004 for a Biophysics PhD at UCSF.

In 2007, Peretz founded a communal living space in SOMA, SF where he lived to this day with 17 roommates including his wife, Louisa Bukiet, a Stanford graduate student in Structural Engineering. This residence has been featured in the NYT and WSJ.

In 2008, Peretz led a research project at Peking University while serving as a National Science Foundation fellow in Beijing, China. After graduate school, Peretz supported a DARPA funded initiative in Jalalabad, Afghanistan where he installed internet infrastructure at hospitals and schools as a member of the Synergy Strike Force. While in Afghanistan, he also coached a basketball team from the Eastern Province of Nangarhar to a national championship in Kabul.

Peretz founded Sourcery with Na’ama in 2012 with the vision of bringing transparency to our food supply chain. His background in biology gives him a unique perspective on the supply chain. He likes to compare the country to an organism with nutrients (food) coursing through its circulatory system (highways) in vesicles (aluminum trucks). Peretz has written several articles on the subject, including:

  • A chef for your startup? Might just be your most important hire.
  • Food Supply Chain Transparency Is Key to a Healthy Future

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Companies like Airbnb and Snap Kitchen use Sourcery as their AP and AR automation solution.

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