About Sourcery: An AP Automation Company

  • To empower our customers with more accurate and modern accounts payable information.
  • To give our customers real-time insights into their operational costs.
  • To save our customers time and money so their businesses can be financially viable.

Our Vision: AP and AR Automation Solutions for Restaurants 

Food and hospitality businesses bring people together through memorable experiences. We started Sourcery so we could support our customers in building profitable operations, while they focus on doing what they love.

We believe that wholesale commerce, including invoices and vendor payments should be simple, intuitive, and even fun. That’s why we’ve developed the Sourcery experience. We want to empower our customers, companies in food and hospitality, with more accurate and modern accounts payable. We want our customers to have real-time insights into their operational costs so they can be financially viable.

Our Story: Why Restaurants, and Why AP/AR

Na’ama Moran and Peretz Partensky founded Sourcery in July 2012 and participated in the Winter 2013 cohort of Y Combinator. Their first pilot customer was Palantir, where they noticed the challenge the kitchen team faced with managing invoices and vendor payments.

As Sourcery worked with more corporate kitchens such as Asana, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Thumbtack, the founders realized that fast-growing restaurants and their corresponding accounting firms faced similar challenges. They brought the Sourcery experience to these two types of clients. Clients noticed much smoother bookkeeping operations and monthly average savings of $1,000.