Streamline your Accounts Receivable Process

  • No more payments “lost in the mail”
  • No more exorbitant credit card fees
  • We’ll facilitate transitioning buyers onto ACH/ Direct Deposit
  • Integration with your accounting software

Enhancing the Vendor / Buyer Relationship

We’ve worked with 100’s of buyers and vendors and fully understand the sensitive nature of these relationships. Our platform is built to improve transparency and accountability to all parties.

  • Allow for both vendor and buyer to track payment through entire process
  • Ability to handle disputes seamlessly through the system

Eliminate Missed Payments

There are two reasons buyers tend to miss or be late with payments:

  1. They’re busy and don’t have the time
  2. They’re experiencing cash flow issues and don’t have the funds

Sourcery solves both of these. If it’s a time issue - the payments will be fully automated. For funding problems, our system will notify the buyer leading up to the payment due date. Sourcery provides a clear line of communication in cases in which buyers are having cash flow issues and need the additional float.

"Sourcery's ACH portal is saving us money on credit card fees and man hours spent chasing down checks. Between the time saved and the impact on our bottom line, it has been a no brainer."

Stephen Shapiro
Operations for Restaurant Cheetah

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Sourcery is proud to provide an efficient online AP automation solution for the food service industry.

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