Stop leaving money on the table.

Identify your dogs. Mature your stars. Magical menus that make you money.

Well served customers at the right price is critical to a vibrant, successful restaurant.

Fix Stale Pricing

If you aren’t updating menus quarterly, your prices are no longer insync with your costs. We typically find menu items that haven’t been updated in years.

Adjust to Market Fluctuation

It’s not uncommon to see wine and spirits frequently 50-100% under priced. Get rid of dogs and mature your stars.

Find Viable Substitutions

A poor spirit selection may rob you of more business and gross profit. We identity alternative products that better serves your customers and increases revenue.

The RightMenu Process

  • Menu Analysis
  • Menu Engineering (we can work with your expert)
  • Supplier Optimization
  • Sourcing Recommendations
  • Management Training
  • POS Updates
  • Menu Production and Printing
  • Reporting & Analytics

“Our sales of Yamazaki 2015 Limited Edition were up 3x in one week. RightMenu analyzed the situation and figured out we were selling it at 400% below market value – and losing money. We fixed the pricing and are keeping a close eye on our entire menu with the help of RightMenu.”


Dan Margolis 
CEO, Brendans Irish Pub & Restaurant

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