Integrate Xero with the Best AP Solution

Your accounting software gets the AP solution you’ve always dreamed of.

“We saw a 40% reduction in our accounting costs which easily covered the cost of Sourcery”

— Dan Margolis, Manager at Brendan’s Pubs

How Can Sourcery Benefit You?

Never be blindsided by cost increases, store your invoices secure in the cloud, track and analyze your spend in real time, and pay all your vendors with one convenient mobile app.

It’s not magic, it’s Sourcery.


Digital invoice storage and data extraction secure in the cloud.

Real-time spend analytics allows you to find outliers, track high volume purchases, and make educated decisions on future purchases.

Dedicated account managers help with vendor relations, data entry, statement reconciliation, and more.

One-click vendor pay from our mobile app.

No more file cabinets! No more surprise price increases! No more wasted time!

How Sourcery Works with Xero

Sourcery provides a scalable solution for growing businesses by eliminating manual data entry.

Simply scan or drag and drop your invoices into the platform and we extract the valuable information and mine it for product level insights.

Start saving time and money with Sourcery.

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